Friday, May 2, 2014

And then you were 7 : Happy Birthday Reuben!

What can I find to say that hasn't already been said? Let me try and put that into words today. For this moment, let me shout:

Happy birthday! my tenderly loving, sweet, bright boy, Reuben. 

Captured by Catherine

 Captured by Callum. I kid you not, in a huge series that he did for us

This, captured by Claire Renee Leong with hugely grateful thanks

If you're new to Reuben's journey, I invite you to step back in time to 2007 and be inspired.
Welcome to our World Reuben!

Let me try to put this into words from the perspective of today, 7 years later. Today is a writing day...

I struggle on finding a gift that feels appropriate and always return to the ones I love most. So off we skipped down to San Diego County after school to capture these (and of course a zillion more that I'm yet to look at). I'll make a leather album for Reuben with our favourites.

And if you feel so inclined, what would just feel really amazing to give to Reuben, your words that he might read on his blog. Thank you.

Til then, explore our journey...

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Dana Wiehl said...

Wishing you the very very happiest of birthdays, Reuben! Seven is a great age to be!

With lots of love from

Lisa Gleeson said...

Happy happy birthday Reuben! You have become so tall and grown up! I hope you had a super amazing birthday!