Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jump start

The blog is back in town and what better way to jump start it than with this. There’s quite some backtracking to be done but the best time to start is now. I hope you forgive us. In fact, perhaps I should ask forgiveness of blogger itself. It was always such a dear friend to me. Funny that. But it listened without any backchat. Here, Callum has a blast on the trampoline in our garden before his swimming lesson. They both really enjoy the lessons. Actually, Reuben enjoys every sport and every after school activity that comes his way. He has this quite wonderful joy for love, wanting to soak it all in. It becomes so very apparent when Callum’s having a moan or not feeling like karate on this night or swimming on that.

This blog was always such a cosy and comforting place for me. Perhaps of late I haven't felt the need to confide so much in it and I've no idea at this point who might be reading. But actually it doesn't matter. The reason for its being was to help me, then to reach out for help, then to record the journey we were on.

So here we are. We're back. 

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! I love reading about the adventures of your beautiful boys, and the photography is so beautiful!