Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CWC Mar Vista - We have a new home!

So excited to share that we have a new home!  What an incredible community of families from CWC Mar Vista (Citizens of the World Mar Vista) who have brought together such a hopeful future for our wonderful school.

Our new home is at St Joan of Arc School in Los Angeles. So grateful for those who worked to make this happen and for the school, church and diocese for allowing us to rent the space and build our own beautiful, safe school for the year ahead.

Here, sharing images from our campaign to LAUSD to listen to our voices.

We took to the streets to campaign against the loss of our school's campus.

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Laura said...

Awesome shots. I love the series of parents with signs. I'm so glad you went on the bus, too.

Love the simplicity of your photo blog, too. You're inspiring me to make one. Thanks, Catherine.