Monday, September 11, 2006

Pregnancy week 6: Fear of uterine rupture

Our announcements on Ivillage, our infertility support group
Alfie's mum, Sarah (mog70) also makes her announcement after her IVF success. [Later added: We've followed the same journey from conception through to pregnancy, sharing every day yet never thinking we'd be sharing the trach! Alfie was born a happy, healthy boy. Mummy calls him "The Beast". He also has a trach due to macroglossia (big tongue) from Beckwiths syndrome but is a beautiful, bountiful boy full of joy for his lovely parents. ]

Tired, diarrhea, nausea, hunger, weepy...ah the joys of pregnancy.

It's funny. We tried for 6 years to achieve something and then it springs up on you and you are totally unprepared. The other major concern is when I wake up at night for the loo, always at 4am, the pain afterwards lasts for about an hour so I'm always awake for a few hours in the night. Have resorted to eating cereal at that time. I think the pain is from the release of pressure from my bladder on my scar tissue as although I've had it since the surgery, it is now intensified during pregnancy which would make sense. Feeling guilty that Jason's sleep is being messed up too as I'm not working and can sleep in and sleep during the day which I always do.
Next scan is booked for 26 September when we should be able to hear the heartbeat at 7+1.
My main anxiety which I feel is natural is that my uterus will rupture since it was taken out of my body last year during surgery, cut open in 9 places to remove 9 fibroids and stitched back together again. My Dr had to give me some reassurance that uterine rupture is rare.

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