Monday, September 18, 2006

Pregnancy week 7: Galloping horses

Just back from the 7+1 week scan.
A racing 129bpm heartbeat and at 13mm crown to rump length (CRL) measures 7+4 weeks and it’s 7+1 since my last menstrual period so our baby is already a bruiser in the family.
I was so busy looking at the readout for the heartbeat, racing away like galloping horses, that I sort of forgot to look at the actual heart itself, booming away. The little right arm waved to us and can be seen along wit the head at the top and the tail bottom left. My reaction was to think, "Ah, baby, so it's you in there who's been causing me all this nausea! Yes, you have our full attention".
Isn't it amazing that all this can happen at the same speed that it takes to grow a lettuce. What joys of the miracles of life and modern medicine.
I think Jason is able to smile a little easier now. For us, it's really only just settling in.
I’m very happy but boy this all day long nausea and sickness is no fun! Trying to remain upbeat about it all as we're all in the same boat. Oh God, the thought of being in a boat...
Morning Sickness started the day after the positive hcg which is quite uncanny so we've been close palls now for 6 weeks. She visits me regularly, like Dear old AF used to do in the old days, 72 months on the trot, in fact, Morning Sickness is so considerate like her arch enemy Aunt Flo that she never goes a day or night without a trip to Catherine's.
Does anyway else routinely have their head down the loo and with a face in tears? Poor Jason, he cooks me a lovely meal and the sight of it sends me rushing to the loo. I've found sometimes a glass of milk before I'm sick actually helps along with very strong ginger tea, but their successes are pretty intermittent. It's so incredibly draining.
I've left the house maybe 3 times in 5 weeks by myself as I can't bear the thought of being faint or sick on the street. But Wednesday night at the gig was wonderful, despite an all day lead up and preparation for it, and the same today for tonight's gig. I think baby enjoyed it as we all slept soundly afterwards for the 1st time in 5 weeks.
Mum arrives on Friday, how wonderful that will be as we live so far away, and we move this Monday to our new place. Mum's very brave for her age flying to LA by herself so I'm so grateful to her. I've done the flight 50 times by myself and it's not fun. But with mum here, I think then I'll be brave enough to leave the house as I'll have mum to lean on.
I'd love to start work again too as I gave up a big career 4 years ago due to infertility, ill health and the need to focus on trying to conceive. Am hoping that'll happen after the 1st trimester is over.
Mum has 3 granddaughters, but has long been the lady in waiting for me as I married 10 yrs ago and have been together for 15 yrs. I've no doubt mum has told the whole parish by now. I've kept the news to 3 close friends and millions of virtual friends on ivillage.
You know I think I've become quite agoraphobic, what with only going out when Jason drives me somewhere. Hopefully when we move next to the beach in the Marina I'll take morning walks which may help. It's where we lived 12 yrs ago before moving back to Richmond, yet a swankier place. I miss our beach home in Florida so much, but those bloody hurricanes made it impossible living.
Mum's here for 3 weeks then Jason's sister and the teenage boys arrive in November to our 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT!!!! We've flights booked at Christmas - Jason's in "steerage" and he's used his airmiles to get me a BA flat bed. I'll pass him my rejected champagne (aaahhh) through the aisle so lots of time to be spent with mum in the next few months.
We're finally having my car transported over from Florida so I'll have that mobility back too, cruising up the pacific coast with the top down. Yeah right, cruise from one loo to the next more like!
Boo’s length 1.31cm

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