Monday, September 25, 2006

Pregnancy week 8: Rock concerts and baby's ears

Well, we have Snow Patrol tonight, Scissor Sisters tomorrow and Starsailor the next night. Thought a triple header would be a little too much so Jason's going with a colleague instead to the Scissors and I'll go tonight and Friday. Tonight's a sit down affair at a classic old Hollywood theatre so that's a reassurance.
Next week, another triple header, Killers, Kasabian and Jet and I'm wondering, despite wanting my baby to grow up on good music (I was fed Frank/Ella by mum and punk and rock by my brothers as a kid whilst in the womb so music in truly in my blood), should I cut down on my gigs for the sake of baby's growing ears? Debating this as have Bob Dylan, Stones and James Blunt booked for Oct/Nov too.
My music has kept me sane these last 6yrs and the US - Florida or California - have made going to gigs so much easier without having to catch the tube back from Wembley afterwards with all the drunks!
It was just a thought but I hadn't read anything conclusively either way. On a friend's advice though, when the baby's ears are more developed, I think I'll curtail my activities. I've barely left the house in 5 weeks since the BFP what with sleeping/eating/nausea so suddenly I'm thrust into living again it seems. I'm wondering what Auntie Nicky did too as Uncle Pete's the lead singer of a rock band and I'm guessing she still went to his gigs when the girls were in the womb, and the little darlings still love his music now, seeing daddy on stage.
Jason loved the Scissor Sisters by himself last night as a triple header was a bit much for me and Jason later described it as a loud seatless hall. We’re off to Starsailor tonight. We all three slept so well after Snow Patrol supported by Augustana though so a happy mummy 2 be must be a good thing! A triple header is tough for even me, a die hard music fan and concert goer.
Actually it felt right last night even if I did have a cardi on my belly as a sound barrier! The venue was a stunning Art Nouveau theatre in Hollywood where they would have shown movies in the 20s before the advent of home TV.
It was such a palaver getting me out of the house on account of feeling sick but whilst there in the grand old Art Nouveau theatre where they would have played black and white Hollywood movies before the advent of home television, I was very happy!
Starsailor last night. My God, James Walsh has some beautiful vocal talent.
Both tiny venues with balconies where we sat over the stage so lovely intimate gigs, propped up by a healthy dose of ginger tea. Jet and Killers next week. LA is rocking with talent at the moment! I wish I was my usual rocking self though.
I’m pretty pathetic, especially in the mornings, afternoons and nights. Felt really appalling last night, left me sobbing into the loo. I've done absolutely nothing in 5 weeks since my thin pink line.
Packing today for the 3rd move this year on 2 October. Mountain views so will be so much more inspiring, then mum arrives.
We're moving to Marina del Rey, also in LA county, the same street where we lived 12yrs ago when last we lived in LA (8 yrs in London, 3yrs in Florida in between) where we got engaged. But this is a swish new development, like a posh spa hotel with mountain and marina views, so I think much more conducive to a happy pregnancy than this awful place which has been miserable and just reminds me stimming and infertility.
Florida beach house has been on market for 13 months but market crashed after devastating hurricanes in 2005 (Katrina, Rita, Wilma and her cronies), thus the corporate relocation to a tiny flat here in California. Thank God Jason's company are still helping us out financially!
I know I’ve got to let the past go and stop the nightmares of the surgery and the years of infertility hurt. I've got to embrace this future even though it has felt so intangible and hard to believe until now, until seeing baby yesterday.
Jason has indeed been my rock and has put up with so much from me. Having a baby will be the greatest gift I can ever give him for being the wonderful man he's been to me for 15 years, never faltering in his love, support and belief in me. I owe everything to him. The greatest joy I know I will ever experience is seeing him father our child.
Boo’s length 1¼cm

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