Monday, October 9, 2006

Pregnancy week 9: Mum arrives & bump envy from Teri Hatcher

Mum arrived into LA on Friday, haven't seen her in 6 months and the time has been so incredibly uplifting as Jason has driven us to hang out on Malibu beach, see the Killers gig, the ballet, the Getty museum and an evening with her dear sister Angie who kind of eloped from Glasgow 40 years ago and now her grown American family.
I've finally been eating properly and feeling physically so much stronger.
Yet yesterday I had a terrible fright on seeing my first spotting, so speaking to the Dr on call, the scan booked for Wednesday was hastily re-arranged for today which would be 9+0. It suddenly felt like everything was too good to be true.
Mum, Jason and I crowded into the technician's office, I slipped off my knick naks and Mum and Jason tried to battle with the stirrups for me until the technician arrived to take over.
I can't describe mum's joy upon hearing Baby's heartbeat, pounding away at 174bmp, and then the bliss of seeing all 24mm of Baby appear on the screen in front of our 4 sets of wide, eager eyes. Baby is now 9+3 so still growing strong. I'm still saying a due date of 14 May because I know there are fluctuations, and as long as baby enters our world before our 10th wedding anniversary 10 days later, well, we will truly have achieved an unexpected miracle.
And then our eyes caught the screen and suddenly, to raptuous laughter and shrieks of delight from me, tears from mum and a squeeze of the hand from Jason, Baby jumped to life in front of our eyes, wriggling around, arms waving, like a mannequin come to life in a store front at Christmas, our faces, like children's, pressed up against the window to gaze in awe and wonder!
Our baby is truly alive and kicking, the spotting has stopped and I'm on top of the World. Mum and I celebrated by shopping in Whole Foods, the equivalent of Harrods Food Hall, for our weekly shop and ran into a pencil-thin and gaunt Teri Hatcher who was decidedly suffering from Bump Envy as her eyes caught my belly protruding loud and proud. But, how very rude to stare, some people!
Boo’s length 1¾cm

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