Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pregnancy week 10: Ferocious tiredness

It feels as if the nausea is finally lifting. Mum and I walked to Santa Monica via the Venice canals and I still had the nagging need to pee all day, but no nausea. After a sumptuous Mexican lunch, I suddenly felt as if I was being tortured into staying awake after days on end of being awake. It’s a really unpleasant feeling. I thought perhaps of going to the new library and closing my eyes there with mum on ha74nd to stop one of the guards stirring me to consciousness as they do with students who have fallen asleep over their books, but all the would-be beds had already been taken. Jason picked us up, we returned home and I finally got the sleep I’d been craving since lunch. It has an almost ferocious quality to it, the need to sleep. When I awoke, the nausea was back with a vengeance and dinner was out, and I could see then a direct correlation between tiredness and nausea, to be avoided!

Mum is with my auntie Angie for a few days so I’m taking a few minutes to write. I’ll need to book an appointment with Dr Sam whom I haven’t seen since the beta test, for next week. Hopefully he’ll sign me off all the meds and as a patient. Our 5 little embryos are still safely ensconced in his cryopreservation care, on a ski holiday.

After hearing of Lissie Cawood’s desperately sad news regarding the Downs Syndrome diagnosis and her subsequent termination today, it forces us even more to make the terrifying decision. I’m just not clear which road to take and need some guidance. We really value our baby as a blessing, a miracle born of 6 long years of surgery and treatment, and I can’t imagine we would intervene if there was a significant problem. But then I just don’t know how my friend felt when the amniocentesis result came through. Who can possibly know beforehand?

Boo’s length 3 ½ cm, weight 8g (¼oz)

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