Monday, October 30, 2006

Pregnancy week 12: “We hope you enjoyed your stay, it’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for the day.”

A big thanks to all the ladies on ivillage for the lovely replies to my worries last week . The words were so reassuring at a pretty bleak time for me. I was very touched at the time taken out to compose such lovely words.
Mum left last Friday, what a time we had together, the deserts, beaches, mountains, ballet and comedy (mum's treat and Kramer from Seinfeld came out as a surprise guest at the end). Mum was singing The Killers in the back seat of the car all the way back from the desert last week "We hope you enjoy your stay, it's good to have you with us, even if it's just for a day".
I've just emerged from 3 days in bed over nausea and I feel I've been nursing a hangover and seasickness for 10 weeks now. When will it end? I'm truly pathetic right now.
Jason's sister and 2 teenage boys arrive tomorrow for 2 weeks so it's San Fran and Vegas booked at weekends although I may just have to decline if the pattern continues.
Good old American healthcare! I've just been given a bill for $3,200 (about ₤2,000) as my share of the delivery costs and that excludes the 4 day c-section stay at the hospital, laboratory, anaesthesia and scans. Very stressful as it arrived on the same day as we had to give Dr Sam our decision re CVS. And they want the money 6 months before my estimated due date (EDD)!
Anyway, today we had the nuchal scan and bloods against Dr Sam's advice. He'd recommended going straight to CVS (last week's panic) and we declined because we've taken 6yrs to get here and our baby Boo is a blessing. The fold measured 1.5mm and I was told under 3mm was good so that has to be good! Another 10 days (ludicrous!) to await for the blood test. I wasn't given a probability at this stage (our decision is not to intervene if there are any problems, but a child with medical issues would perhaps mean a move back to the UK making more sense for us given our contribution so far to the infertility cause being about $40k. It's very frightening. California is truly wonderful but the USA is NOT the place to live with medical issues. Please don't knock the NHS!
On Wednesday, Dr Sam's staff ran another video for me as last week's didn't record properly. A terrible shame; how wonderful to have captured forever those delightful first kicks. Although I couldn't see too well at the time, watching the 22 min video when I got home had me smiling with sore cheeks as on my wedding day. The little crossed feet like mine, the constant scratching of the head. I had my nap straight after and couldn't have felt happier.
Boo’s length 6cm, weight 18g (2/3 oz)

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