Monday, January 22, 2007

Pregnancy week 24: A touching milestone

BabyRUs was calling on Saturday. We walked around, directing our baby registry scanner to things we need like a crib and diaper genie to fanciful things we don't need at all but fell in love with.
Since the honeymoon in Tanzania 10 years ago, we'd always dreamed of a theme reflective of that incredible experience of travelling with John our guide for 3 weeks, and so Safari it is with a soothing stripey green and colonial Out of Africa background.
And last night I laid things out on the bed, gifts and purchases, bumpers, baby mobile, quilts n comforters, my lovely new books (journal and baby names among them) as Jason finished building a wardrobe. And just then I exploded into tears of joy knowing for the first time that these were for our little Boo. I wasn't going to be giving them away to babies of family and friends. I can't describe that feeling, knowing this was the backdrop for the wonderland we would be creating for our own little baby whom we've willed for so many years to be a reality. How could we ever have dreamed for so much?
We have a theme for the nursery, just no nursery as yet (minor point) but I dream of little Boo sleeping beside us in one of those special cribs that attach to the bed for nighttime feeds and it's the most amazing feeling.
Boo has gone from kicking down into my cervix to kicking above my belly button as of last night so is making tremendous leaps. My ribs are very sore but Monday's scan showed everything in order.
I'm as happy and fulfilled as can be.
Boo’s length 21cm, weight 630g (1lb 6oz)

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