Monday, February 5, 2007

Pregnancy week 25: An Erica classic

Just returned from 3 glorious days in the mountains watching Jason ski, walking around the frozen lake, sitting with friends by the log fire in our chalet. All very lovely and relaxing. Was a bit concerned about the altitude, especially as Claire and I were struggling for air at any climbing of steps.
Boo is kicking more than usual now. Perhaps Boo likes the sound of the tap, tap, tapping whilst I type away in my writings. I love that feeling. Every time, without fail, when I lie on my left side, he's kicking away. And are they hiccups or kicks, how will I ever know?
I bought Boo some beautiful things from Janie & Jack - an heirloom cardigan, jeans, a crisp checked shirt, soft babygros and other things, mostly in the 3-6 month range.
Erica is currently preparing Hadley and Ella's baby clothes for my visit and this email is an all time classic:
"What I propose is to let you and Jason rummage through both the boy and girl piles and then ask you to place the gender clothes that you don't need back in a box, over and selotape them up and then put back in the loft. I will give you my 'gods honour' that I will not check so see what you left, nothing would let me detract from hearing you over the phone tell me 'its a girl' or its a 'boy'!!!! That way you can take all the stuff that you would use back again - excellent!!! If he will be short of time, I could rummage myself and put a girl and boy pile out and he can then just take whatever, he will need to bring down an empty suitcase warn him."
My pregnancy symptoms continue to grow in number, each day it seems, a new one appearing: heartburn today yet the back ache has gone for the time being which is great.
After some great advice from both Erica and Steph, I posted on ivillage to find indeed that bumpers and comforters are a bad option and potentially linked to SIDS. This is very worrying and we’ll need to revise the things we’ve already bought for Boo. It leads me to look elsewhere online, at cots and baby proof products. It’s such a minefield as the plethora of responses suggests.

Boo’s length 22 ½ cm, weight 720g (1lb 9oz)

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