Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crowded House

Not referring to Anne-Marie and Aurora's visit... oh God, how I love having my family here!... but to the band seen at the Greek Theatre, strategically placed a stone's throw from Reuben's hospital on Sunset Blvd. "Live music under the stars in the heart of LA".

My lullaby to Reuben through frequent tears is Distant Sun, the words so exceptionally poignant. http://reubenjackdodd.blogspot.com/2007/07/distant-sun-reubens-song.html
We couldn't have sung his song with more gusto and passion!

If God could have given Reuben the ability to hear through advances in medicine, the dulcet tones would have sailed over the foothills of Mount Hollywood and filtered gently through his ears. It pains us, this eternal pause button before his return home and yet his spirit is always with us. We feel him so close in everything we do - with a great tinge of sadness - without him.


ellen charge said...

he mite nto here but i bet he can feel ur presebnce feel u singing to him

ellen charge said...

i just thought someting seems like ive taken a leaf out of yukas book doesnt it LOL well its this ive allways been positive and shes helped me b more so on the list so thanks yuka if u read this post here

yp said...

to ellen: this is yuka, and that is one of the absolute sweetest and most wonderful things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you so much Ellen. You are precious beyond all measure. love you so much- yuka