Tuesday, February 26, 2008





Starting to collect Reu's facial expressions with my camera, so this is an ongoing project of a few delightful ones! (Jennifer told me off for not adding any new material in the last week! Thanks for your sweet words, Mary)


Mary said...

You go Jennifer! Love those sweet expressions. I can almost feel the kisses.

Catherine, I realize you have many things that take priority over posting pictures but Reuben's adoring fans appreciate your efforts.

ypersico said...


Jennifer said...

I told you off nicely...? xoxo

ellen charge said...

hes got a lovely face i wanna pick it up and smother it with kisses

Candi said...

He is changing so much - getting to be such a big boy. You can really start to see a difference in his face. Like everyone else - I love the photos - yours and Jennifer's! Thanks so much for posting them.

ellen charge said...

the more i c his face more i love it and yes in ur archives still i love u all to much