Tuesday, August 12, 2008


When I survey the wonder in your eyes
On bended knee beside your crib at night
And kiss curls frame the face that holds those eyes
You hold that gaze, it sets my heart alight.

When fast asleep, your fingers dance in words
And tell of dreams, enchantments, learned thoughts
Bewitched am I by aura, radiant light
'Neath fairy tales that speak of wooded walks.

And gentle shadows dancing softly cast
O'er tiny hands with dimples in a row
Such gentle hands that daddy's hands do touch
And downy toes then flicker all aglow.

Your cupid's bow that graces your dear face
I kiss those lips that ne'er fail to melt
My heart and when you try to speak
It grows the vines of love I've always felt.

Yay you have put me under your sweet spell
I cannot lift your face from my closed eyes
And when you wake in morning's summer light
Afresh! Anew! for life with great surprise!

- Mama


Kristi said...


Lisa W. said...

Wow, that was amazing...

hannah m said...

Lovely words!

Mary said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! I can feel the love.

ellen charge said...

i can see him sleeping as i can allways see things with ur posts sleep peacefuly my little firend till we meet lots of love to u

Geraldine said...

That's definitely a teddy sign hey?
Glad you've got some time out.

I'll skype you tonight. Haven't spoke in ages.
Love G.

Amélie said...

wow did you write that Catherine ? ...its beautifully powerful