Saturday, August 9, 2008


Mickey, always takes a good photo, Reuben a little dubious about this guy with a perma smile he's waited 30mins to see, but the sweet thing is on reflection, I see he's signing 'teddy'. How very touching is that

Reuben's first trip to Disneyland. May be considered too young (I was looking at pics of how much Eva enjoyed it but she's quite a bit older), but for him it was a sensory explosion of light, colour and sound and he absolutely loved it, especially the rides in the dark. At the end of Peter Rabbit, he was clapping his hands. What a delight! A roasting hot day in SoCal and it ended up with me being taken out in a wheelchair with a diagnosis of sciatica, what has become a painful nerve and muscle problem in my left leg in pregnancy. I literally couldn't take another step and my left leg just sort of caved in as it had the day before. The staff were great though as I was in a lot of pain and Jason had the 2 of us to look after. We've got a California pass now so a couple more trips in the next few weeks. I remember my first trip here with cousins Barrie and Karen when I was 19 and how much I enjoyed it then. I was great this time to experience the other side of Disney, the kiddie rides, that til now a hidden zone of pleasure. I'm not sure though how much we got to see ourselves as our eyes were transfixed on Reuben's reactions.


Victoria Nelson said...

Yay for Disneyland!! Can't wait for our first trip there! So sorry to hear about the sciatica. I can only pray that it gets better. Wow. Pregnant and Disneyland in this heat - You're such a good Mom! Hugs and kisses to Reuben.

ellen charge said...

i was wondering where u all were love u xxxxxxxxxxx

Kristi said...

Love the pic! LOVE that he's signing! :-)
So SORRY about the sciatica... OUCH. You have my empathy - - I had it with both pregnancies (although far worse with Gracie than Preston). My only recommendations (sorry Jason... it's work for you!) are deep massages in the muscle of your tushie :-) and lots of stretching (I know... you are 6 months pregnant and stretching is a challenge!). I did go to the chiropractor for it, but it did not help me as much as my suggestions above.
OUCHIE. (Or as Preston says in a very high-pitched voice while signing, "OwOw OwOw!")

Lisa W. said...

Disney was so amazing - Kennedy got to go to Disney World last January and Disney Land in July, it was wild and we loved it all. I'm so glad Reu loved it too.

Geraldine said...

That's definitely a teddy sign hey?
Glad you've got some time out.

I'll skype you tonight. Haven't spoke in ages.
Love G.

Eva Nichole said...

Disney is so amazing!! We loved it last year and we are going to Disney World in 2 months. We are so excited!! Eva was amazed with everything and its amazing to see them watching all the lights, shows and hoping they can hear all the wonderful sounds. Eva loved all the shows and she was even involved in the Pixar Parade. It was so cool!! I know I need to move closer to one of the Disney parks because we are huge Disney fans and Eva LOVES Cinderella!!
I am glad Reuben loved his day there and the picture with him and mickey is adorable!!
Crystal and Eva

Amélie said...

Disneyland delights, never been and would love to get the girls there one day! as for the sciatica it is horrendous I had it in my last preganancy there is no position to cure it and the lordosis of the bump makes matters worse, so huge empathy sending your way! Obviously dont wear heeled shoes more than an inch as this compromises the centre of gravity, and carry items very close to the body, if carrying shopping use both hands to even the weight distribution...says the student midwife now officially a final year studnt :-)

Good luck let us know how you get on Les x