Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My little friends in CHARGE

Amelie (born 2005)

Ben (born 2005). Please keep Ben in your thoughts and prayers for his 21 October choanal artresia repair surgery.

Ellen (born 1985 I think!). One of Reu's older friends and great supporters. A big pretty one but perhaps a little too old for our Reu!

Eva Nicole (born 2005)

Evan (born 2005)

Gracie (born 2003). Please keep Gracie in your prayers as she's been struggling with feeding for the last few weeks since her heart surgery and it is a frightening time for her family.

Jack (born 2006)

Luke (also born 2007)

Angel Lucas (also born May 2007). Now in heaven patty caking with the angels. Please continue to keep the Weindorf family in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve the loss of their beautiful, amazing son with whom we have shared so many of the ups and downs of life over the last 16 months.

Max (born 2005)

Moriah (born 2008). Please keep the Nelson family in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare for Moriah's heart surgery at Stanford on 14 November.

Vivian (also born 2007)

Reuben's always on the look out for new friends in CHARGE, especially the young pretty ones! If you'd like to join this page as a little friend in CHARGE, please add a comment.By


ellen charge said...

id liek to join but im a big pret one

Lisa W. said...

What a bunch of cuties!