Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa babies

Reuben's "festive" dress courtesy of Jason. "Men don't care about these things". Thanks to the Chauhans for Callum's Christmas outfit and Lori for his socks.

Here's the funny thing. I'm standing in line with Jennifer and Jaxon and who should show up but Cassandra, Dylan's mum and family, friends from the NICU. Jennifer and Cassandra already knew each other from Reu's birthday and the baby shower and Jennifer has just done Cassandra's photo shoot for her new Momma Wear line. And we all get chatting to another mum with twins in the queue and we mention to her that Cassandra and I met in the NICU and discovered we had the same IVF Dr back then and lo and behold, this same woman also went to Dr Najmabadi for IVF. Another coincidence, not only was Dylan a 29 week preemie, but so too were this same woman's twins. Very small world! Given Jennifer's always behind the lens, it's great to have her in this shot and doesn't Dylan look amazing after his colostomy reversal in July and major complications afterwards! We all then enjoyed a lovely inpromptu french meal in the Farmer's Market.


hannah m said...

What a fun way to kick off the holiday season!

I love serendipitous meetings like this! What a joyful start to the month!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Thanks again for your offer to fly up. Justin and I still so touched. Love seeing you all together. As you know, it makes us smile everytime =)
Lots of love to the family and prayers for your Dad,
the Nelsons

Eva Nichole said...

What fun, its amazing how small the world is. I have met so many parents with special needs kids and we all have so much in comment.
The pictures with Santa are beautiful and what a handsome Santa he is.
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

Tons of gorgeous photos to catch up on! What fun to see!
Love all the festive pics from the Santa visit! The boys are a joy to see together!