Sunday, February 8, 2009

21 and 3

Our darling Reuben, at 21 months you:
have come of age
weigh 26lbs
have an expressive language of about 150 signs
take 8 independent steps and walk with an assisted hand
have a joy for life
crawl everywhere around the house
enjoy sitting on the potty
help mama load the dishwasher including his bolus syringe and hearing aid
love Thomas the Tank and the Wiggles
love to play the red piano or wind up your trains so they scoot across the floor
have the kindest, sweetest disposition and loving eyes
pat your brother on his back to wind him
have a very special bond with Mama and I can barely keep up with everything you want to learn
find mama's version of Callum's wailing hilarious.

Our blessed Callum, at 3 months you:

smile and your whole face lights up
hold your own hands
have big blue eyes
suck your thumb with huge sucking sounds
sleep in your crib and very occasionally when mama needs an extra hug, sleep with mama after the morning feed
take several short naps during the day but never in your crib as we’re always on the go
beautifully accommodate Reuben’s busy schedule fall asleep within seconds
occasionally suck on a pacifier
audibly gulp with excitement when drinking from a bottle
nurse from mama's milk, the cream
love being snuggled in the blue Mobywrap
wear size 2 diapers
wear 3-6 month clothes and some 6+ month
love to weight bear on your legs
love to dance on my lap with your weight bearing legs
shriek in delight at funny faces, particularly your own
sleep through the night from 8 til dawn with one little feed in the wee small hours
lift your head in 90’ prone position
grab for objects
hold a rattle in your hand
have a rascalling disposition
roll from your back to your side
startle when Reuben turns the dials on your Exersaucer in which you sit
sit up in the green chair
smile when you see your big brother
are blissfully content again after the colic period
look around with a gently bobbing head
make a wet razzing sound
have very little, but darker hair than Reuben
have a swirl of hair at the crown of your head
have a glorious peak of gathering hair at the nape of your neck
weight 15lbs


Kristi said...

WOW! So many wonderful changes and milestones for BOTH boys!
I really would love to see them (and YOU!) soon! :-)
LOVED reading on Victoria's blog about Reuben taking a stroll with you through the PICU... what a sight to behold! If only you could have had that image in your crystal ball 16 months ago in the PICU! :-)
I am sure that was a beautiful moment for you with your sweet Reu!
OH... and congrats on a wonderful night with Callum! :-) I hope that is his new trend.


Geraldine said...

Catherine, that is heartbreakingly beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes, you've captured everything about the boys that makes your heart leap. A beautiful expression of love.

It makes me realise how much I'm missing by not having any!