Sunday, February 8, 2009

King on a throne

For the last few weeks, Reuben's been like a King on a throne, here, his first sit on his potty in January. Just this weekend, housebound with the hard rains, we've been spending much quality time in the bathroom. Reuben signs "potty" out of the blue which could be conceived as "Elmo" and so I jump on it, we sign "dirty diaper" together and we walk hand in hand to the playroom bathroom, a smile creeping across Reuben's face, and over to the potty. Mama sits on the bigger throne opposite and Reuben signs "book" which is on the window shelf above where I'm sitting, the book entitled "Diapers are not forever". It takes but a single tries for Reuben to learn that after the potty, we walk over to Mama's big throne, close the toilet lid (hurrah! I can have some control over this at last) and Reuben flushes! Then Reuben signs "wash hands" and "dry hands", the latter activity he finds absolutely hilarious. The contents of the potty remain dry and the big poo comes of course after he's off the potty, but what a wonderful surprise to find him loving the routine and signing all the way through. He's turning a great developmental corner right now and it's so very hard to keep up.

And so the routine goes.

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