Friday, September 11, 2009

Nursie Jenn

A series of pics from this morning, Jenn, after an 8 hour shift on paper (but really an 11 hr shift and play), enjoying seeing Reuben awake and watching him sign and play. Just magical and beautiful for me to see someone doting so on my boy.

Jenn, our night nurse, you've been with us for almost a year ago. When things are good with Reuben's health, not too much happens in the night, but you handle your responsibilities with upmost professionalism. And so in the last 11 months I recount you:

- have never had a day's vacation, or possibly one, but I certainly can't remember when
- have never had a day's sick
- always work far longer than your 8 hr shift, because I believe, you like to see Reuben up and engaging in the morning and maybe even enjoy our company
- are incredibly flexible, and on occasion have completely messed up your body clock by working an evening rather than a night, most recently, so we could see Green Day in concert
- are extraordinarily generous to Reuben and us though we always have to scold her for being so - always leave lovely food in our fridge, mango, sushi, sandwiches and we don't always realise they're gifts from you
- know our boy's nighttime habits better than us
- witness Reuben signing and curling his pajama top in his sleep in his right hand
- always have something of interest and insight to say on Reuben in the morning and something of interest on life or the news when you arrive for work at night
- always catch me blogging when you arrive in the evening, my favourite night time routine when everyone's asleep
- rush through the front door with a sense of urgency to get started with work
- tidy up our playroom every night despite our attempts at having Reuben "clean up" his toys
- have never woken us in the night needing help with a situation. You just problem solve yourself and deal with it
You are, quite simply, our backbone, our passage to restful sleep. Jenn, you're amazing and an absolute credit to your profession! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Reuben: you have so much to thank Jenn for, including the lovely tidy playroom in the morning for you boys to cause havoc in! I know you appreciate her so much and I hope one day you'll understand just how much...


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful that you have such a "special" person taking care of Reu (and it sounds like the rest of you). You can trust her to do the right thing for your son b/c she loves and cares for him too. Wonderful. Hope you are all doing okay too, especially Jason.

Love, Tracy K.

Kristi said...

What a lovely tribute to such a kind, caring and conscientious nurse... and now family friend. Jenn is a true gem and you are all so lucky to have her.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

this is such a hearfelt post about your nurse. i love her now for taking such wonderful care of reuben - and the family =)
it was so nice to see you the other day. and thanks again for the delicious homemade hummus and brownies. i scarfed it down!