Friday, September 11, 2009

Sorting trucks

Reuben is thoroughly enjoying sorting things, displaying the early signs of good organisational skills. I'll walk into the living room and see the Retro Rocket smartly lined up alongside the Tonka Truck and the Radio Flyer Wagon. Very neat. And today he was having a beautiful time lining up his littler toys, Thomas, the Fire Truck, Car and Airplane. I remember Amy delighting at Max's organising of trucks on his highchair table. My little baby's becoming such a little boy. I think it shows early signs too of basic maths, learning to see that things are alike and different, and it puts order into his world that is under his control. I don't see it as a red flag because he is easily distracted from this activity.

(Disclaimer: I know I don't have any experience in the collage department, but I think this series of trucks begged to be collaged.)

The biggest yet: a 5 car pile up

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Kristi said...

LOVE it! His own little game! The "Five Car Pile Up" is so cute!
Sorting, arranging and matching are such natural things to do.... and you're right - - pre-math skills are budding before you're eyes. :-)

(You're also right about his ability to be distracted from the game and have his "work" be rearranged or moved. We're on such high alert, aren't we!)