Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Speech therapy"

This painting will always bring back memories of the happy times at speech therapy in our home. Reuben absolutely delights in Johanne's arrival twice a week, giggling away as he sees her step out of the car and then proceed to load her arms with a great deal of educational toys from the trunk. The above painting which I love beyond words was one created entirely by Reuben today in therapy. Using the glorious combination of blue, olive and green (and of course knowing instinctively not to pick up the red as well), it says so much to me, even though it's a simple matter of swirls, circles and lines and of course a heart centre right. I dug out a 20x20" cream frame to preserve it there and then and I'll find a prominant place for it, my favourite piece of modern art. How can I describe better how it fills me with happy memories and reminders of Reuben's great accomplishments, of him finding his sweet and lovely voice at last!

"Speech Therapy" by Reuben, Aged 28 months


JENN said...

Beautiful Artist Reuben J. D.
Your painting is museum ready...

Rich & full of love with your
excellent colors of your stroke
uniting your creation as it speaks
between your curvy and long streaks
especially while doodling happy as an expressionist broke...

Just say hoorah!-- for Reuben and one of his toddler many masterpiece!



hannah m said...

I just love, love, love this. There is nothing sweeter than a child's art.