Monday, January 24, 2011

Callum, 26 months

Darling Callum

At 26 months you,
- Run everywhere
- Enjoy hot and spicy food though try to wipe it off your tongue if it's a little too hot!
- Love your brother more than anyone else in the World, even possibly Buzz, Woody and the Babies
- Have long conversations with everyone, with an excited rising intonation, full of melody
- Are 33" and weigh 31lbs
- Love climbing everything and everyone
- Can understand so many signs signed to you but still are reticent to sign to much yourself, such as every sport and sport term leaving me feeling happy that you were paying attention all along
- Absolutely light up the room with your exquisitely expressive, happy face
- Have the loudest voice I've ever heard
- Break into shyness by dipping your chin when out of your comfort zone
- Are a great peer model to the kids at the special ed early intervention programme, helping them along, sharing toys, saying C'mon, that is until it's time for lunch and you're too exhausted to eat
- Bring Reuben his eyepatch (patch) and stoma gauze along with helping him care for his glasses and hearing aid (I'm thinking back to the days when the aid was a $6,000 teething ring for you)

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