Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mama on TV

So I had a lovely afternoon and night out with Sally yesterday at the American Idol stage watching Don't Forget the Lyrics in the studio audience. Reuben has a new nurse and she is just great with him, reading stories, playing. I think it helps that she has 2 little kids at home herself and it therefore gave me an opportunity to get out and do something quite different.

Sally and I sat in the front row. My long time friends will laugh at me singing on down to R&B, "End of the road" as it's not my thing and listening to both Boyz II Men and Kimberly Locke an American Idol whom of course I've never heard of, struggling to find the lyrics to the Stones. With the Boyz, I wasn't quite sure who they were and was thus expecting a trio of young white guys to come out but I think that's probably Boy Zone? Well, I can certainly appreciate their vocal talents, Kimberly's voice is incredible, but after 6hrs in the studio, it was good to get back to my rock this morning. Watch this space as we were right there next to them catching up on the banter between the host Wayne and the audience manager. Don't have a TV at home myself which is rather ironic.


ellen charge said...

sounds like fun

Mighty Max! said...

So excited that you have a nurse you really like...AND that you got out and about! Good for you! :)

Thinking of you lots...Amy

Eva Nichole said...

I am so happy you have such a great nurse now and that you were able to get out for awhile and enjoy yourself. Its funny how we want out and need a break and when we get it all we do is think about our little ones we left at home.
Glad you had a nice time,
Crystal and Eva